Decades of Leadership

Proven Leader

Josh Tarter is a management services company that serves clients nationwide. Under the leadership of Josh, the company has grown to a privately held corporation from a family-owned business to a world-class manufacturing organization. Josh is a strategic negotiator and a relationship builder. He specializes in industry start-up companies.

Josh serves as an executive board member with many companies and would is always looking to join other boards and serve in other positions. Josh has been involved in many start-ups. He likes to guide people looking for start-up consultation. The company operates from Park City, Utah and Danville, KY.


Josh Tarter is a highly-skilled operation management executive. He has a proven track record for developing and supporting successful high-ROI projects and solutions that incorporate a wide range of methodologies and technologies. As a venture capitalist, Josh Tarter specializes in various start-up companies serving as a strategic negotiator and relationship builder.

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • Metal service

  • Equipment rental business

  • Luxury homes/Vacation rentals¬†

  • Real estate

  • Rental property

  • Agriculture, crops

  • CBD & Hemp corporations¬†

With over 20 years of professional experience, Josh Tarter has been able to improve organizational effectiveness consistently. He realized that a competitive edge for any organization is created through strong leadership that aligns the processes and resources of a particular business. There are some significant elements for improving efficiency. Josh has significant knowledge and experience in software industry, which helps him handling and negotiating any deal with ease.

  • Cost savings

  • Accelerate performance

  • Sustain flexibility

Key Skills & Core Competencies

  • Tactical execution

  • Relationship management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Leadership

  • Staff development

  • Engineering collaboration

  • Problem identification & resolution

  • Profit and loss management

  • Risk management

  • Project management

  • Distribution management

  • Lean methodologies

  • Performance optimization

  • Capacity utilization

  • Strategic planning

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Tarter USA Experience

As a graduate of the University of Kentucky in 1995, Josh Tarter has gained vast professional experience.

Josh Tarter took on a managerial role upon joining Tarter USA in June 1996 and has been in a management and ownership role since 2011. While serving in this role, Josh Tarter has been responsible for growing this privately held corporation from a family-owned business to a world-class manufacturing organization.

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Kaizen Theory of Management

Using the Kaizen Theory of management, which means a gradual and steady improvement to maximize potential, Josh Tarter built incredible customer service that helped his business penetrate the market even further. He also integrated technology into many different locations, which increased production and the efficiency of overall operations.

Business Goals

Josh Tarter proactively pursued design changes that would meet the needs of the customer. He drove operational excellence by executing strategies that maximize savings and contributions to overall business goals. His work, so far, has improved at Tarter USA, while also reducing inventory and cost basis.

  • Productivity

  • Quality

  • Efficiency

  • Sourcing

  • Relationship building

  • Sales & Marketing

Focusing on New Start-Ups

Supporting the Youth

Josh has been helping the youth for over two decades and believes in supporting the community. He is also involved in philanthropy.

  • Youth programs

  • Youth sports

  • Youth coaching

  • Youth mentoring

  • Fostering kids

  • Scholarship programs for high school for active, volunteering high school students


Family & Hobbies

Josh has always been trying to grow not just in business, but personally in his family life. Though his two grown-up kids left for college, he has continued to grow his family by fostering two more kids.

When Josh is not in the office or cutting deals or supporting start-ups, his passion remains in the outdoors. He is actively involved in outdoor sports like biking, water sports, and snowboarding.