“I pledge to always remember the communities I love and to give back in whatever ways I can.”

– Josh Tarter

Ways Josh Gives Back

Josh volunteered as a coach for 9 years of Boyle County Parks and Recreation Football to help the local youth. Josh was also a major contributor in launching and leading the beginning of Boyle County Youth Football League when he saw a need in the community.


Josh is also currently working with the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, on a prison reform. This reform aims  to help get ex-prisoners back into the workforce and integrated back as members of society.


Josh’s main goal is to help grow businesses so that other business members can grow and take over the business as he steps away.  He wants others to grow, succeed and have a chance to run their own business. That is why all Josh’s new start-ups participate in profit sharing.  Like the great Warren Buffet says, “Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.”

Companies Josh Supports