The Top 5 Qualities of Successful Manufacturing Startups

The five qualities needed for a successful manufacturing startup include finding a great product or innovation, securing experienced and passionate leadership, and remaining flexible when it comes time to make the best decisions for your company. Fair compensation and benefits help you find and keep good people, while a winning culture stirs teambuilding and creativity […]


My Top Three Tips for Increasing Efficiency While Cutting Costs

In the manufacturing sector, so many factors are constantly at play with your profitability. I constantly struggle with balancing labor and raw materials costs with current market conditions. The problem is commodity pricing is so variable—literally changing with the winds as we often see after a natural disaster that affects oil production. You must be […]


The Best Ways to Engage Your Employees in Operational Improvements

One of the biggest challenges business leaders face is keeping employees engaged in operational improvements. Process improvement champions struggle to get their teams behind programs to increase productivity and make work more pleasant for everybody. One of the best ways to improve compliance is to engage the workforce in the process improvement planning as early […]